Ladies Auxiliary

In 1967, three ladies came together from the United Methodist Church in Mount Ida armed with an idea that would later turn out to be truly visionary. They saw a need to help with the financially troubled hospital/nursing home. The ideas was to find an empty building down town Mount Ida they could use (preferably rent free) to start a resale shop with the proceeds going to the hospital/nursing home.

During the two years the hospital/nursing home was closed the proceeds of the resale shop was turned towards local high schools in offering scholarships to those interested in the medical field. In 1971, County Judge L.J. Warneke reopened the nursing home and the Auxiliary began donating funds to the financially anemic facility.

Over the years the Auxiliary is seeing second generation volunteers working with the same mission upon which the organization was founded, a love and desire to make the nursing home Residents life better. Mrs. Elsie Hickey served as Auxiliary President for over 28 years and the volunteer base grew from the original three (3) members to over twenty-five (25) members. In 2008, the Nursing Home Auxiliary donations to the nursing home and assisted living totals over $400,000. Most of which was derived from selling items such as used clothing, books and other items for as little as .25 cents.

Another valuable service the Auxiliary provides to the community is a place where anyone can go to find that treasured item for truly a bargain especially for those of us on a limited budget.

In closing, the ladies of the Nursing Home Auxiliary have been truly heaven sent to the Residents of the nursing home, assisted living and the students of the local high schools looking for that much needed scholarship money. The Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers that are eager to serve and if you have this desire, please contact Auxiliary President Glenda Preston at 870-867-2664.

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Gilda Bates, Glenda Preston, President, Mary Stover, Bryan Wann, Mike Verser, Medical Director
Montgomery County Nursing Home Auxiliary Thrift Shop
Inside the thrift shop
Volunteers working in the thrift shop