Enhanced Living Unit

We are very proud of our Special Needs Units at Montgomery County Nursing Home. In the unit there are 24 beds arranged in a home like environment with murals on the walls, and comfortable chairs to recline in.

Displayed at each resident’s room entrance is a shadow box with highlights of a resident’s earlier life to insure great conversation, memory recall and re-orientation.

From the dining room you may view the beautiful fenced memory garden which is a work of art in it’s self, thanks to our Master Gardener’s. Many of the residents truly enjoy assisting with the planting and growing not of only flowers but some vegetables as well.

We focus on the whole person, not the limitations they may have, but abilities they do have. We will be encouraging their participation in bingo, movies, music, arts/crafts, picnics in the garden as well as brainstorming (cognitive linguistic programming).

We will care for your loved one as though they are our own family allowing them to participate in their care as much as they are able.

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Shadow Box

Enhanced Living Unit mural artists: Terry Norris, Delsie Reginer and Cindy Norris

Petunia's in the Enabling Garden