Master Gardeners

The Montgomery County Master Gardeners is a non-profit organization promoting volunteer horticulture education and service to the community. Members are graduates of the Arkansas Master Gardener Program administered by the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service.

In the late 1990's, the Montgomery County Master Gardeners became active with the Montgomery County Nursing Home during the time located in the old hospital (1963 to 2000). During the construction of the new nursing home on the 118 acre campus on South Drive in 2000, the Master Gardeners began planning a "memory garden" thus making it the annual focus of their efforts. Even though the Master Gardeners do have other projects around Montgomery County, the Nursing Home memory garden is the largest project.

Each week during the summer the Master Gardeners are at the nursing home to work in the garden along with doing special events during the year with featured programs such as 50's party (Elvis appearance), Halloween party, framed pictures of Elders in memory garden and more.

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Residents in the gardens
Resident working in the garden
Gardener helping resident