Our History

Montgomery County Nursing Home was originally built in 1964 as a hospital with a few nursing home beds sprinkled in the mix just to make ends meet. County Judge Bill Black and others were very instrumental in bringing such needed healthcare to Montgomery County. The Hill-Burton Act funded the new hospital and was quite a thriving metropolis of activity for many years. In 1969, the hospital began to loose its competitive edge with its inability of afford modern technologies in order for it to flourish. In 1970, County Judge L.J. Warneke closed the hospital/nursing home due to insufficient operating capital.

In 1971, due to the growing need for nursing home beds County Judge Warneke re-opened the building as a 40 bed nursing home. Although the nursing home continued to founder financially speaking, the home continued to grow to 96 beds at the original location. In May, 2001, a brand new 55,000 square foot, 140 bed facility was built nearby on 74 acre grounds located at 741 South Drive. The mountainous backdrop beautifully frames the new building, and provides a peaceful setting. Observing the view and wildlife at pond side provides added enjoyment to our residents. In June of 2007, construction of Montgomery County Assisted Living was completed. It offers an upscale environment with 32 private apartments that measure over 500 square feet per apartment. The apartments are especially popular with couples with the efficient lay-out which allows them to “stay together”. The assisted living is located on the same campus which houses a senior citizens center, child daycare and skilled nursing home.

Old Nursing Home MCNH Entrance View of Nursing Home and Nursing MCNH Front