Quality Rehabilitation

Montgomery County Rehab

Outpatient Therapy

When your doctor prescribes outpatient therapy, Montgomery County Rehab is ready to provide physical, occupational, and speech/language therapy. Our staff not only delivers the finest in therapy services, they deliver it with compassion and pride.

We are located on the west side of Montgomery County Nursing Home. Our rehab services are offered not only for residents of the skilled facility, but also those outside the facility, whether it be outpatient or short term stay. If you have a rehab need we can meet it.

Our director is certified in geriatric rehabilitation, but all ages can be treated at Montgomery County Rehab. In most cases, patients soon return to their prior level of functioning. If not, a long-term stay in our Skilled Nursing Center may be the best option.

Short Term Therapy

When you no longer need hospitalization, but are not fully able to return home, turn to Montgomery County Nursing & Rehab for a short term. During recovery, you will receive the physical, occupational or speech/language therapy prescribed by your doctor from state-licensed therapists, and you will have access to transportation, social and spiritual activities as well as three nutritious meals per day.

Occupational Therapy

  • Learning skills to manage daily living activities (dressing, eating, personal care)
  • Using adaptive equipment after surgery

Occupational therapy is provided to individuals of all ages who need specialized assistance in learning skills to enable them to lead mobile, independent, productive, and satisfying lives through remedial therapeutic activities, environmental modification, and or adaptive living techniques.

Physical Therapy

  • Preventing Disability
  • Pain relief
  • Restoring functions following stroke, heart attack, or surgery

Many conditions are treated effectively with physical therapy intervention. Physical therapy can often help a person regain physical abilities and mobility after a stroke, heart attack, surgeries such as hip or knee replacement, other orthopaedic surgeries and injuries. Physical therapist help to maximize independence and mobility along with insuring comfort and optimal strength.

Speech & Language Therapy

  • Retraining after stroke
  • Swallowing and eating disorders

Speech and language therapists work with those whose ability to communicate is impaired through loss of speech or hearing and with patients who suffer from swallowing disorders. A comprehensive evaluation is the first step to improving language and speech problems.


To make an appointment for rehab services call (870) 867-2156 ext. 243 For further information, call Brenda at (870) 867-2156 ext. 225.